celebrating the the UN charter on human rights

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I am a very big supporter of Equal Opportunities, Equality and Human Rights. Both in a passive and active way, on a recent holiday to New York I was lucky enough to visit the United Nations Headquaters. An organisation I strongly support and believe in, on this visit I was actually able to stand in the Security Council Chamber and General Assembly. This isn't anything special - anyone can for $7.50. But for me this was just fantastic! Standing in the actual room where the UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights was both agreed and signed. This inspired me to create a set of wallpapers for use on anyones desktop computer to promote awareness of the Declaration and the 30 articles within it.

The wallpapers each consist of the title ("Universal Declaration of Human Rights") a short sentance describing the spirit of that article and a photograph to reflect the content and ideal. The photographs are chosen very subjectively, by myself as I thought they in someway connected with the article it was chosen to represent.

The sentance used to describe the articel is often the first sentance from the actual document, or where this proved to be too long it is an edited version. Some articles, for example number 16, contain several sections. For these only a representation of the spirit is used.

The full document can be found on the United Nations web server.